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Student Testimonials


"First off, I just wanted to let you know that your class on Tuesday, here in San Luis Obispo was unbelievable! I really mean that too. I was expecting to sit in a classroom for 6 hours bored to tears, especially since I never wanted to become a notary to begin with. However, I was pleasantly surprised and learned a heck of a lot of good and useful information that I know will help me in whatever the future hold for me. Thank you for making it such a great learning experience."

Tamara Aburashed - San Luis Obispo

"Your class in Vista was "unbelievable"."

Eugene Adan - Vista

"I have used your company for my last three renewals for my California license, normally coming to Orange County to do your seminars. I always enjoyed sitting in your class as I honestly feel you are one of the best "teachers" I have ever known. This time I decided to go online due to scheduling issues.

Your site is great, simple and quick. I followed your instructions in the book for "Agency" and "Update", read the material and really studied the practice exams. I was done with both tests in less than an hour and my grades, to my shock, were a 95 and 96! I missed you as an instructor but your technology, material and practice tests are terrific. Thank you for keeping your company so professional. See you again in four years.

I continue to recommend you to my employees and friends. You may print this e-mail if you wish."

Norm Anderson - Orange County

"Duane, I just signed up for another renewal course. I am impressed with the web site, the manner of signing up and the ability to take the test on line. I will miss seeing and hearing for you in person as I have in the past. Best Wishes."

C. B. - Newport Beach

"I don't particularly care for correspondence courses, so I figured it might be interesting to see what you are doing on the web. The material was presented in a very professional way, correct in all areas and brilliantly produced. The web site made it easy to study the material, review and prepare for the examination. it all went so smoothly. I wish you continued success in this field you have dominated with great professionalism. I'm so happy to know that a program like yours is available to our licensees in California. It is extremely convenient, instructional and does the precise job for which it is intended. Thanks for bringing CE into today's world."

R. B. - Marin County

"I had contacted Allied Real Estate School back in May '07 and ordered their 45 hr. salesperson license renewal kit. I specifically asked them if there were any new requirements. They had assured me at the time of purchase that all I needed was Fair Housing, Ethics, Agency and Trust Funds. Nothing more. I needed to renew my license by 12/22/07. I wanted to get an early start.

As I was fumbling around with their books and papers and online tests for months. I came to find out I also needed Risk Management! I could not get a handle on any of their other courses much less having to add, start, and complete a whole other course now! I called them and they charged me extra for the course.

I was telling a friend of mine that I was panicking and struggling and was in fear of losing my license. She mentioned your school and assured me that it was VERY good. I went online immediately. Found your web site. Signed up. This was Wednesday 11/28/07. I real all of the material for each course. Kept taking the review tests everyday. Was able to take my tests today 12/02/07. Passed all 6 courses with an average score of 91%. Used your link to the DRE and I am now renewed and back in business with the rest of the month to relax and enjoy.

You have made me feel like the winner that I am!"

Diana Baeza - Palmdale

"This letter is just a little note to tell you how very much I enjoyed your fun and informative seminar yesterday at the prudential training center in Mission Valley. I admire you greatly for your knowledge and experience, and mostly for your humanity and sense of humor. I'd love to meet your wife-I bet she's great."

Kathleen Bailey - Mission Valley

"I wanted to let you know that I passed my notary test. Yippee!! I wanted to thank you so much. The notary class was so educational and even more important enjoyable. I have taken the notary class in the past offered by the National Notary Association, I felt that that class was sufficient for my needs and I passed my exam so it proved to be. Your class however, was such an experience. It proved to be beyond my expectations. I walked out of your class feeling like I really learned important details on being a notary. Thank you so much... I will recommend your class to anyone I can."

Debbie Banister - Orange County

"Just a note to say how good the service was for me when I called to seek information relative to my real estate license. Karen Lett was absolutely incredible in helping me out in quick, friendly manner. Service seems to be a rare thing in today's world. I just wanted to say thanks."

Dean Brooks - Irvine

"I suppose I'm like a lot of people in the sense that I put the continuing education off until the last possible moment. Viewing the requirements as basically an imposition, I was surprised to find your course not only harmless but informative as well as enjoyable."

E. C. - Tujunga

"As a retired person who no longer actively needs his brokering skills but wanted to keep his license active just in case, your on-line course for renewing my license was perfect in many ways. To the very reasonable cost, the convenience, the ease of the process in general, may I add the advantage of much information that I can use for my own benefit and personal profit. I waited till the very last week of the renewal window, and you came through. Thanks for keeping me licensed."

B. D. - Century City

"Thank you for your advice that I try the courses as presented in your seminar book. I have passed all the subjects in 90 minutes time. I got both the Ethics and Trust Funds grade 100%=pass."

Susan Chang - Alhambra

"I found your book to be both creative and practical. I used your suggested techniques of advertising, brainstorming, pirating and promotion on one of my mobile home parks to put additional cash into my pocket. In two weeks time, with proper coaching, my manager was able to fill two vacancies that were previously vacant for one and a half years."

G. C. - Redondo Beach

"Thank you for the updates... 30 years in the business and I learn something everyday. Keep up the good on educating us... we need it!"

Charlie Coleman- Sacramento

"Great, very knowledgeable and lots of experience."

Marvin Cuaresma - San Jose

"Thank you! I would recommend your approach to meeting the CE requirements of the DRE! Very painless, yet very informative. THANKS AGAIN!"

Bill Cranham - Beverly Hills

"I am writing to you to let you know how much I enjoyed your continuing education home study seminar. It was concise, to the point and well organized to insure success. However, what impressed me the most was the speed and efficiency with which the paperwork was corrected and returned. I took the exams on Wednesday and had my certificate on Friday. Truly amazing in a world of 'allow 6 to 8 weeks for shipping and handling.' I will recommend your company to others."

R. D. - Modesto

"Thanks again for participating in the foreclosure segment of our seminar last Friday. You did a fantastic job! We had so much great feedback regarding your portion. Thank you for donating the foreclosure booklet and CE credit as door prizes. As promised, I am sending you the contact information of the gentleman who won the CE credit."

Deborah Daubenspeck

"Hi Duane... I just wanted to express my thanks for your very informative seminar to re-new my notary license... I did pass the test and am thrilled... That was my first time taking a class for the test... I normally just study and take the test... Its always so nerve racking taking that test but I did well... Thanks again and I would recommend your class again to anyone interested... Also your sense of humor helped break up the edginess."

Jill Escalante - Coto de Caza

"I attended your continuing class at the Southland Regional and I would like to thank you for making it interesting and fun. I would like to know or get more information on how you made money through syndication or how it works and any other information. Thank you so much for your time."

Dexter de Vera - Glendale

"Just wanted to tell you it was wonderful doing my exams thrum the net!! But I do miss seeing Duane Gomer's funny face... Oh well, so much for technology!!"

Liza Di Galizia - Moreno Valley

"Thank you for calling me concerning the reverse mortgages. I now remember that I have attended several of your 4 hour classes for credit and can honestly say that I learned more, and been able to serve my clients better than any course that was out of a book or lasted 12 hours or more."

Gene Driggs - Los Angeles

"Thanks for an educational and fun practice and property management course review. Unless I mixed up the tests and answer sheets I'm pretty sure I passed!"

L. F. - San Diego County

"Thanks for a good course for renewal. I was surprised at how easy it was to do it on-line. No glitches, no problems! I have always enjoyed your materials. I have renewed my license with your company since my first renewal in 1983. Is this possible or am I just imaging it?"

S. G.

"I am a repeat customer of yours for many years now, and just wanted to thank you for making it so easy to renew by broker's license.

I started panicking when I realized that my license was expiring the end of July, and when I received my study course from you (last January) I did not know how it would be not seeing you at least every four years. I called your office on June 20th, took my final exams on-line on Tuesday and Wednesday and, or course, passed the tests with flying colors. Then I proceeded to on on-line to the DRE web site and renewed my license on-line, AND I AM DONE. I still can't believe it. I would have renewed sooner, except I have been very busy closing escrows.

Again, we miss you, and thank you so much for all the years of service to us, the real estate professionals. Thank you!"

Hilda Geese - Placentia

"Thanks for another Broker renewal. You made it painless. Wherever you are I hope you are enjoying life.

Miss seeing you in the live classes but this online approach is great."

Douglas Gilliss - Solano Beach

"Bravo! You can not retire until you have someone who can truly replace you. You made my continuing education painless. My license is not expiring until 1/2002 but I chose not to procrastinate. Thank you, I want my husband to attend your next class in the Fall."

Jeannie Gleeson - La Jolla

"I can, without reservation, recommend you and your courses to any would-be agent or broker. Not only is your school extremely well-organized in getting newcomers off the ground, but the follow-up courses, and review coursework and seminars for those maintaining their licenses are quite thorough and sound. As a matter of fact, a friend at work recently took your courses and advanced seminar to obtain his real estate agent's license, and I am happy to say, was able to pass the exam on his first try!

With the Duane Gomer educational organization and excellent and helpful staff, one can rely on a much more coordinated program; and therefore, a sometimes difficult pathway, made easy.

Many thanks for your help all these years.

I'll be signing up once again next year for review courses to help me renew the educational requirements for my broker's license."

Marshall Goldberg - Laguna Niguel


I just had to tell you what a wonderful speaker you are. Time flew by, I learned so much, and I will definitely tell my friends and, of course, return in four years.

You were able to explain the Notary Handbook in such way that everyone was able to grasp the concepts, rules, forms, etc.

To be able to teach a crowd with such a diverse background and make them laugh and learn is truly a skill.

Thank you for an UNBELIEVABLE time in Sacramento."

Diane Grieco - Sacramento

"Thank you for your last minute, personal phone support regarding the "KILLER MATH"!

Counseling a stressed out, weepy, single mom of three girls, over the phone, was above and beyond the fee I paid for your course.

I'm gonna keep going to church, I think God worked through you?

Thank you so very much !!!"

Kelly Greene - Santa Caritas Valley

"Just want to thank you for your information. Also want to take the opportunity to thank you very much for the recent seminar at the Sheraton in Pleasanton presented by Pulte Homes... it was EXCELLENT and very informative.

We have recommended your services with our Branch Manager here in Pleasanton for future seminars among us and/or realtors, he will contact you if needed.

Once again, thank you for sharing your knowledge."

Alex & Nora Gutierrez - Pleasanton

"I just wanted to "THANK YOU" and your instructor, Sherry, for the wonderful job she did to prepare me to "PASS" the Notary exam. It makes a big difference when you have a teacher that is in the same business, and is very knowledgeable, and who is an expert in the field."

Pamela Haasl - Bonsall

"I want to thank you not only for your wonderful seminar, but insight and positive attitude. I never received my packet prior to the class-I signed up the Friday prior-blah, blah-it doesn't really matter. Point being, I was totally unprepared when I walked into your class in Stockton on 3/24/04 and thanks to you, I passed. It was a lot of information, but you were amazing (witty, yet disciplined) and I am another satisfied customer. Thank you again. JURAT!!!"

Laura Hartenfeld - Stockton

"We wanted to thank you for your outstanding presentation on Foreclosures and Trustee Sales in California, during our seminar on March 31st.

Our clients have given us wonderful feedback on your presentation and especially on the way that you delivered the information in a clear and concise manner. They felt the information would be of great value to their future real estate business.

We are looking forward to holding future events and would welcome the opportunity to work with you again."

Kim Hearn - Carlsbad

"Just a quick note to say that I enjoyed your seminar today. You are very good at what you do. You are not only a speaker, you are a teacher and you deliver both well. I have a short attention span (not easy to admit), and I hate seminars over 1 hour, but I was able to not only get through the 3 hours, I actually absorbed your material well and you were successful in holding my attention the whole time (not an easy task). After attending your class today, I am confident I would attend any class you were teaching/speaking at."

Mia Hernandez

"Just a short note to say "THANK YOUR!!!"-you've done a great job in writing the Real Estate CONTINUING EDUCATION MANUAL.

Thanks to your "witty-style" with a sprinkling of opinion and humor I NOW have read the entire manual-from cover-to-cover and decided I had to write this e-mail."

J. "Lucky" Hilderman - San Francisco

"The instructor kept us involved and interested. Reliable information, engaging presentation skills and solid instructional practices helped me pass the notary exam with a score of 100%."

Lexi Howard - Oxnard

"Just wanted to let you know that all of your little First American title step-children passed the notary exam.

Thanks Duane, you did a great job, we had a fun day and everyone passed. Three got 90%, two got 97% and one got 100%."

Lisa Irot - San Luis Obispo

"I woke up last night worried that I had left all my studying, reviewing and testing until the last minute and now would ruin my few days of vacation. I enjoy these days after Christmas so much and now would have to spend all week testing and getting my hours, low and behold I reviewed a couple of hours this morning and decided to go ahead and take the test and now I have my certificate and can enjoy my life. I feel free and easy now for the rest of the week, even got a closing check today, so I'm having the best day."

Susan Jones - Encino

"I just wanted to send an e-mail to say thanks. I just passed by broker's exam on the 1st try after going through your courses, and using the Real Estate Centre for the exam prep to which you referred me. I originally got your name from the PS Assoc. of Realtors, as I called them asking for a suggestion on who to use.

You were great, the Real Estate Centre and John Henderson were great, and I really appreciate your help.

I'll gladly refer anyone to you looking for similar services."

Mike Kays - Palm Desert

"Again thank you for the information. But more importantly thank you for the class and studying material I received when I attended your "Pass the Brokers "Exam" at the Palm Springs Association of Realtors. I'd failed the exam twice using "Allied School" and needed something more comprehensive. I decided your class was going to be the do or die, 3rd time was a charm. I took my exam on March 16th (one year to the date of my first "Failed") and "Passed.""

Brad Lauitzen - Palm Springs

"I attended your notary seminar a few months ago. I learned many principals, rules and procedures, that I had long since forgotten or never understood. At my request, two of my paralegal attended your seminar yesterday. They are equally impressed. Thank you so much for the fine service that you provide the business community."

Peter Linden - Newport Beach

"I took your class on Monday and it was unbelievable! I especially appreciated the humor. The material context was extremely valuable too."

Dana Luft - Roseville

"We took your class at the beginning of Short Sales here in Sacramento and found it to be very valuable. Thank you so much. It has allowed us to stay in the business."

Kitty Lund - Sacramento

"I can't wait to attend another one of your classes. You are a great teacher... smart, informative and humorous! I learned so much that day. Thanks again for taking the time to answer a question."

Kimberly Lynn - La Quinta

"I took your notary seminar on 5/9 in Laguna Hills and received a 94% on my exam. You taught a great class and I couldn't have passed the exam without it. Thank you."

Heather Maher - Laguna Hills

"Thanks again for a wonderful seminar! I've taken your seminars before and am always pleased with them. I will probably take you up on the course again to insure an "8 year" License. I did that the last time and had a wonderful 8 year vacation from testing... "

Bob Manning - South Bay

"I hope all went well at the class today. Duane is such a sweet and humorous gentleman, I really like him a lot."

Susan McGuire

"As you know, I recently took your Notary Public course in connection with the renewal of my commission. Although I have practiced real estate law for over 50 years, and have been a notary for 16 years, I found the course to be very informative and well presented. What impressed me most, however, was the quality of the study materials you provided to your students both before and during the course. The several practice exams and the forms booklet, which you reviewed in detail with the students, helped all of us prepare for the nature and scope of the final test administered by the Secretary of State.

While I realize that the cost of the preparation of these substantial materials must consume a large portion of your modest fee, they are the very best I have seen both as a student and as a course instructor for the Department of Real Estate."

James B. McKenney - Novato

"Thanks, it was very comprehensive and useful information on such important matters."

Artmis Milani - Sunnyvale

"I was a member of your last class in June 2005 in Long Beach, CA at the Petroleum Club.

Although I had received my study materials a week in advance, I did not open them until the morning of the class.

All of this was new to me. The class was thoroughly enjoyable; entertaining and informative. When testing time arrived, I decided to give it a shot. I completely relied on the information received during class. My thoughts were that if I did not pass then I at least had an idea of what to expect the next time around.

Well, yesterday I received the result and although the score was not impressive, I PASSED.

Thank you Mr. Gomer for providing such an outstanding program where learning is made easy."

Patricia Miller - Paramount

"Just to let you know I completed the test per your instruction below, and attached is the certificate I saved in MS Word doc.

Thank you very much, and I just want to say one thing: your training and testing are GREAT! I really appreciate all you did for me in CE. I will definitely pass the word around."

Andy Cao Nguyen - Newark

"I wanted to let you know that I passed the December 8, 2003 Notary Public Exam with a score of 90%. I don't think I could have done it without your course. The sample tests and tips on how to answer certain questions helped tremendously."

Fred Parker - Agoura Hills

"As one of the world's best procrastinators, let me say THANK GOD FOR DUANE GOMER!

Once again, your service has allowed me to get my continuing education requirements done ON TIME!

For the first time I used the online testing service and it was easy and fast. I just went to the DRE web site and logged in my courses, paid my fees and I'm set for another 4 years. Please feel free to use me as a reference."

Stephen Poletti - Carmel

"Thank you very much for your quick and kind consideration in helping me meet my deadline for license renewal. Your staff is very efficient and courteous."

L. R. - Agoura

"As I studied the seemingly endless information for my Brokers Exam, I found Duane's weekend crash course was the best preparation for passing the exam. With the amount of information that the exam may cover, it was very refreshing to evaluate my progress with sample test questions and a verbal review of important topics. The class brought all the study material together and also helped me with testing strategy. I was very happy to pass the Brokers exam the first time and attribute it to taking studying seriously, and attending Duane's crash course. I recommend it to everyone preparing for the exam!"

Arpad Racz - Silicon Valley

"I attended your class yesterday, to renew my broker license. And I wanted to let you know that it was my first time attending your seminar and it was Awesome. I really had a great time and I learned a lot of new things. Before I left you mentioned me to register with the NAR to get CCIM license, and I wanted to get you advise as to what other licensing will help me better my skills and my business. I do mortgage loans and Real Estate and investing as well. And I know that you have been in the business for a long time and your advice or feed back will be highly appreciated. Also please e-mail me when you have your next seminar on short sales & Foreclosures & REO's. Thank You So Much!"

Joseph Rangel - Ladera Ranch

"I attended your class on Saturday and wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed it. I had been dreading it all week and was quite surprised how fast the day flew by. After working all week, spending an entire day in a classroom was the last thing I wanted to do with my precious Saturday. Your presentation skills were excellent, which is one of the reasons I'm writing. You mentioned in class that you would be soon offering classes on notarizing loan docs and I wanted to be sure I was on your mailing list for that.

I heard about your notary class from a postcard you sent to our marketing director.

Just went to the CPS site and set up a password like you suggested so I can view the results of the test. Hoping of course that I passed!"

Bernice Rieck

"Just wanted to thank you for supplying me with the necessary "tools" to ensure I pass my Notary Exam.

Mr. Young is a terrific and knowledgeable instructor! His teaching methods proved to be a success!

Thank you! I will recommend your seminars to anyone interested in becoming a Notary I come across... or a Real Estate professional, for that matter."

Erika Rodriguez - Los Angeles

"Thank you for helping me with my license renewal. I found your book very readable and humorous. A piece of cake."

J. S. - Marin

"I completed this course while recovering from minor surgery and I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it. It is terrific! I don't think I've ever taken a course in which I learned more that is so very valuable; nor, have I read a book on a complicated subject that was presented as clearly and simply. I especially like the four articles. Thanks a million for all your information that you have shared. I always enjoy your seminars."

M. S. - Sacramento

"You have proven that, as once stated by late night TV guru, Johnny Carson, 'people learn more if they are also entertained.' Thank you for an enjoyable experience. I'll be back in 2000."

P. S. - Irvine

"Thank you for all the wonderful help with the online testing. I actually read and learned from most of the 400 + pages and from all of your experience! Your humor is greatly appreciated!"

Kathleen Sawyer - Santa Barbara

"It's now official that you are the greatest teacher on this continent. I must say, I didn't expect to be so entertained and educated in such a short period. You are the apotheosis of educators! In plain English, your course is truly one of a kind. Thank you for helping me obtain my notary public license. I just missed the honor roll but, I'll be back next summer to make it on the one that counts---Real Estate Agent license!"

Scotty Scheper - Orange County

"I just wanted to "thank you" for helping me realize a 20 year dream this year and finally got my Real Estate Broker's license after being in this business for a very long time! It feels really good to know I have accomplished this terrific achievement and I know that you were an integral part of that. I took your Broker prep courses and studied your materials. I also took the live instruction with John Henderson in Fullerton and attended that 2 times before I went down to San Diego to take my test on 12/27/06. On 12/29 DRE web site advised I had indeed passed on my very first try and boy was I thrilled! Now I am no longer a "transaction coordinator", but I am a Real Estate Broker and that feels really good... Thanks again for your programs, you are really a big benefit to all of us here in the Saddleback Valley."

Debbie Sclafani - Newport Beach

"I want to thank you for your time and expertise last Tuesday. Your teaching was phenomenal!! Very informative, full of wisdom and always with flare!"

Tom Sheck - Encino

"Again thank you for the information. But more importantly thank you for the class and studying material I received when I attended your "Pass the Brokers "Exam" at the Palm Springs Association of Realtors. I'd failed the exam twice using "Allied School" and needed something more comprehensive. I decided your class was going to be the do or die, 3rd time was a charm. I took my exam on March 16th (one year to the date of my first "Failed") and "Passed.""

Debbie Storey - Palm Springs

"I sincerely thank you for putting your One Day Crash Course for the real estate broker exam out on the market. As a recent law school graduate and California State Bar licensee, I decided to take advantage of the fact that I could automatically test to become a real estate broker. However, I didn't know the first thing about the actual real estate broker license exam itself. Your course provided all the information that I needed to pass the exam. I listened to the three tapes intermittently when driving, attended the one day seminar, and practiced with most of the questions at the back of the book that you that you provided. After preparing the way you recommended, I passed on the first time! Thank you."

Jennifer Taylor - Palm Springs

"Although I do not hang my license with any brokers at this time, in order to stay current I recently attended your course in Palm Desert on Friday, Feb. 9th.

I just wanted to drop a line to say many thanks for a most enjoyable class.

Even though... without doubt... it is still miserable at best... to test...

You, sir... at least made it bearable.

For that, I thank you. And I wanted to do so personally. It was a job well done.

Obviously... you know that I passed.

Keep up the good work. I will refer all I know to your schedules!

A very GREATFUL student-"

Donna Jeanne Terrigno- Palm Springs

"Indeed I did register, and so very happy to see that the Will Shriner hoosier, in the guise of Duane Gomer is still intact.

Please tell Duane (if this e-mail goes to an office staff person) that for lo these many years I have looked forward to his humor and was delighted to find it again, even on line."

Marsha Todd - San Jose

"I just want to say Thank you! I took your class Jan. 12, 2004 and I totally think you are a great speaker, you made the class fun and easy to understand! I passed my test with an 81%. Thank you. I will be recommending you to everyone."

Crystal Torres - Santa Barbara

"You run a wonderful business and always recommend you to all who ask."

Bob Tucker- Santa Barbara

"Just want to take the time to thank you for your great method of teaching. I took the Practice and Prop. Mgmt. Yesterday at the board and your system is one of the best I've experienced. It was not just memorizing words, but you emphasized certain areas of great importance that we MUST know and apply. You also instilled motivation for my Broker's license.

I look forward to taking future courses with you for my continued education as well as improvement courses. I am also interested in the Notary course."

Carmen Vallaro - Noho

"I am forwarding you Duane Gomer's timely updates on the important upcoming changes in laws and regulations that will effect our every day lives. Duane Gomer has preeminent knowledge of the California Real Estate market and is the expert in this field. I have used him for my last three renewals for both my California Real Estate Salesman and Brokers licenses. I recommend him very highly for your California Real Estate license renewals."

Bob van der Valk - Reseda

"I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your courses. I have renewed my Realtor Associate license with your help several times (I have been licensed since 1982). I have even taken the one-day class with you as the teacher on two renewal occasions! The way you write (and present) the materials makes the time fly; I especially appreciate the gentle humor you interject here and there. This most recent renewal (finished last night) was the easiest and most pleasant of all. I did everything online, including the 5 minutes it took me to list the completed course certificates and renew my license online with the DRE.

Thank you for a wonderful service."

Rebecca White - Albany