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About DRE Online Renewals


The California Department of Real Estate has made the process of renewing your Real Estate License fast and simple, and it's the most reliable method to insure your renewal in a timely manner. The following steps can only be performed no sooner than 90 days prior to your license expiration date.


Steps To Renewing Your License Online


  1. Go to www.dre.ca.gov

  2. Locate and click on this image on their home web page: DRE's eLicensing Sign In Page

  3. On the "eLicensing Sign In" page, if you need to create a User Name and Password, click on the "Register" buttom and follow the easy-to-follow instructions. Then sign in.

    If you already have a DRE User Name and Password, continue with the "Sign In" section.

  4. The DRE pages will have links and prompts for you to enter your Certificate of Course Completion Course Numbers, one at a time, with the verification for each course.

  5. When you have entered your Enrollment Date, Course Numbers, Test Date, continue to process your credit card number and complete the renewal process.

  6. That's it.