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About Student Work Center


The Student Work Center ("SWC") is an area on the Duane Gomer web site where you may access optional selected course materials, take final exams and print your certificates of course completion.


Access The Student Work Center



To access the Student Work Center ("SWC"), go to the Duane Gomer home page and click on the "Student Login" link located in the dark blue dropdown menu bar. You will be presented with the Student Work Center Login page. In the space provided, enter your Student ID and Password. A successful login will result in the displaying of your SWC.

Inside of the SWC, you will find links to helpful navigation information, optional learning aids, and recent DRE announcements concerning final exams and anything else that may effect your testing.

At the bottom of the SWC page, you'll find a list of the materials ordered, optional PDF reading materials links, dates when you may take or when you completed a final exam, and "Test" buttons for each final exam. When you successfully complete a final exam, the "Test" button will be removed and you'll see the "Print" button to print your certificate for each completed course.


Student IDs and Passwords



Student IDs and Passwords can be created in one of two methods:

  • Complete a Continuing Education materials request online, or

  • Complete any order with our Customer Service Representatives by calling 800-439-4909

All Continuing Education students will receive via e-mail, an unique 9-digit Student ID number and a Password based upon your full name shortly after a successful registration process, either online or through our office.