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California Real Estate Brokers

Why Take California Broker Classes
Become A Broker in California?


  1. Broker Associates make more money over the life of a career than Sales Associates. It's a fact.

  2. How about this approach after you become a broker? When meeting with a client you show them a copy of your current BRE Status Sheet and proudly point out that you are a broker and have never had a disciplinary action in your life. Then, you tell them as a broker you have had more education and testing and might be more qualified to serve them than a sales associate.

  3. If you received your sales license after January 1, 1986, you already have at least three courses done and would need only five more. That is a piece of cake to complete. You can read our excellent textbooks and test online. You only need 60% to pass and the exams are OPEN BOOK. Enough said. Going to a community college or any live presentations takes 15 nights per courses. Most business college students get BRE credit for any Economics, Business Law, and Accounting Courses they completed even if it was decades ago. Call us for a check up on what you need.

  4. The BRE has a task force evaluating all license requirements and is considering making them more difficult (meaning more courses). Also, the state currently has an extensive survey about license activities on their web site that they will use to change the exam (make more difficult).

  5. If you have a Broker License, you could be an Associate, for example, at a Sales Office and either a Management Office or a Loan Broker's Office, as long as the responsible brokers in those companies have knowledge of this arrangement and give their consent. Double Dipping.

  6. Having a Broker License gives you flexibility. You can be an Associate, Partner, or Owner. You cannot imagine how many panicked calls we get because a person has to become a broker immediately. Each Broker Course takes a minimum of 18 days to complete. So start now.

  7. I do not believe that extra education will harm any career. People who study and pass the Broker Test call us and tell us that they feel good about their accomplishment. Make a commitment or resolution to start now. The public knows what a Broker License means.

  8. I feel that if two licensees with similar experience talk to me about being my "agent" or want to go to work in my office, I would probably consider whether they had ever been motivated enough to study and pass the Broker Test or earned any NAR designations.

  9. The old theory "there is more liability if you have a broker license" is a myth. It has been perpetuated by old timers. Ask an Errors and Omissions Company if they charge higher fees for Broker Associates. They don't. If you start a company or hire a team of associates, there will be more liability but your chances of making more money increase.

  10. Good luck. Give us a call at 1.800.439.4909, or review our course list or fax at 1.949.455.9931 or mail or come to our office. We have a list of thousands of satisfied users. We will be with you every step of the way.

  11. We have an exclusive program; pay for your courses on a payment plan.