Home Study Preparation Course

The Finest Home Study Preparation Course
Since the introduction our NMLS-approved prepartion materials in 2010, we have refined, improved and added more preparation materials including more online interactive sample exams. We listened to our students and we responded. Isn't this what you'd expect from your education provider?

Using our home study preparation course, you'll receive the best mortgage loan origination materials available today. And we can tell you with confidence that if you honestly study the materials, you will pass the State and National exams.

Student Feedback
We constantly receive feedback form our Mortgage Loan Origination students. We can safely report that at least 95% of our students are passing both the National Component Exam and the State Component Exam on their very first attempt. How many other mortgage loan origination education providers can honestly make that claim?

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We promise you won't be disappointed.

The Facts
To be able to process mortage loan applications, you must be an endorsed Mortgage Loan Broker, or you must be a licensed Loan Officer and work for an endorsed Mortgage Loan Broker.

In either case, you must complete the qualifying NMLS and State approved training and education courses, and pass both the National and State Component Exams. With our NMLS and State approved materials, you'll have the best chance of passing both Component Exams on your very first try.

We have reviewed the most popular home study course materials, and we decided to partner with Hondros College to provide you with what we have determined to be the best home study course available, period. We have also augmented the Hondros course with our exclusive online supplemental materials consisting of online "Flashcards", "Important Facts", and other learning tools that we determined were necessary to prepare anyone for both Component Exams. We have not found any other school providing this degree of educational materials and learning tools.

Previous students have told us that between the Hondros College materials and the Duane Gomer supplemental materials, our education and training materials were the major contributors to their success. Many students have told us that they tried other schools and that our materials were the best they had ever used. And better than 90% of them passed the Component Exams on their very first try.

Should you have any questions, please call us at (800) 439 - 4909, Monday through Friday, 9am to 4:45pm excluding holidays. We are here to help you every step of the way.