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  1. Getting a Notary Commission is simple and we have a successful "Become A Notary In One Day" Program. It is quick and very inexpensive. All you have to do is pass a 30-question exam, pass a background check, and pay the State $40. We have extremely high passing rates.

  2. With a Notary Commission you will be able to give clients better service. You are not going to get rich charging the maximum $15 per signature, but you will gain exposure. I recommend agents advertise "free" service to clients and their friends. One transaction created from notary work would pay all the expenses for an entire Notary Career.

  3. In my opinion, being a Notary and putting the information on your business card increases credibility, particularly for new or inexperienced licensees.

  4. You can assist fellow associates and State Law allows you to notarize your own Grantor's and Trustor's documents. If you have a financial interest in a transaction you can't notarize, but when you are receiving a commission on a transaction, you have an agent's interest.

  5. Having a commission allows you to promote yourself in different ways. You could advertise free acknowledgements once a month at a Senior Center. You could visit hospitals, rest homes, senior housing, libraries, jails etc. and offer your services and you could charge for your "time" and "travel".

  6. Escrow and Title Companies need "loan document signers" to carry refinance papers. Reverse mortgage companies need notaries with real estate knowledge to carry documents. Also, asset management companies need traveling notaries. Foreclosure trustees need people to post sales information on properties and in a public place.

  7. When you hire workers, you could have them take a notary class, be tested and be fingerprinted. You would know that they are above average in intelligence, when they pass. Ready to try something new, can work under pressure and they passed an extreme background check. That is worth the small cost and you have a Notary in your office.

  8. One more thought. You have a bright young offspring going to college or looking for a job. If they apply for a job, for example, at a college or retail operation, I believe applicants who stress that they are a notary (tested and fingerprinted) would move to the front of the line. Notary Applicants are processed by the Department of Justice and the FBI. Impressive on a job application.

  9. We offer a 6-Hour Live preparation course and a 6-Hour Live Webinar preparation course for new commissions.

    New and exclusive from Duane Gomer:  Our 6-Hour review course is available on CD. The home study courses and the CD review are available here. Save time, travel and gas. Learn at home.

  10. Good luck. Give us a call at 1.800.439.4909, or visit our web site, or fax us at 1.949.455.9931 or mail or come to our office. We have a list of thousands of satisfied users. We will be with you every step of the way.