For Both Broker and Salesperson Applicants

Whether you're taking the real estate salesperson or broker exam, with our home study exam prep, you’ll feel confident and ready to pass your licensing exam: over 90% of our students pass on their first try. The package includes our prep course book. At only $90, it's a great value! Enroll and receive our exam prep book with:

  • Course Outline Textbook & PDFs

  • Over 1100 Online Practice Questions

  • Exam Study Tips

  • Online Glossary

  • Real Estate Math Basics

  • Online Flash Cards

All for only $90

Enroll today and you'll have immediate access to all of your materials and we'll shipped the textbook within one business day. And, you’ll receive it all at an affordable price of $90. Click on the button to the right to enroll and start studying.

Our comprehensive course outline contains everything you need to know to pass your exam. The outline is a concise review of the detailed information currently tested on the DRE exams. Each chapter covers a subject area tested on the exam.

In addition to the practice questions at the end of each chapter, our book also contains practice exams with hundreds of questions. Subject oriented exams are found of the end of each chapter of the outline. These exams are designed to help you determine your areas of strength and weakness. Also included in the book are exams designed to simulate your licensing exam. The answers follow each exam and include a brief explanation of why a given answer is correct.

Our chapter on Real Estate Math Basics provides a quick review of math skills many people have forgotten. We offer simple shortcuts to solving math problems and include practice exam questions illustrating how to use these shortcuts. For anyone with a fear of math, studying with our Math Basics is a must!

Often people find it challenging to learn the terms used on the licensing exams. Our Glossary of Terms includes a list of terminology ranging from construction vocabulary to legal terms. Our Glossary of Numbers lists all the numbers tested in one place for easy access. We also give you access to our outstanding study bonus - the Glossary in Flashcard format. The flashcards will help you improve your knowledge of important terms.

The Exam Study Tips section of our book provides you with important information to help you prepare for your exam. Included in this section is a study guide, test taking strategies, and information on what to do (and what not to do) on the day of your exam. Follow the steps outlined in our Final Briefing and you’ll feel confident, relaxed, and ready to pass your exam.

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